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Industrial Carbide Tooling offers the finest precision CNC grinding available for all your wood tooling. Our own custom diamond duplex grit grinding wheels produce the highest quality finish to your carbide saw teeth resulting in smoother, truer cuts and longer run times.
Custom designs welcome.
ICT also specializes in manufacturing and sharpening shaper and moulder profile cutters, router bits and solid carbide compression routers.

-- Circular saws

-Custom and production saw manufacturing
-Retipping and reconditioning
-Custom bores and bolt circles
-Leveling and tension services
-Large inventory of stock saw blades

-- Shaper & Moulder cutters and knives

-Carbide and HSS moulder profile knives
-Carbide insert knives made to order
-Shaper cutters, stock and custom order

-- Carbide Router bits

-Solid carbide compression routers
-Stock and custom solid spiral "O" flute
-Down draft and straight flute router bits
-Carbide tipped router bits

-- And More

-Forstner and multispur bits
-Brad point drills and augers
-Spade drills
-Hole saws